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A dynamicly balanced, contouring head designed to drill, tap, mill and contour machine: tapers; radii; threads; chamfers; grooves; undercuts; multiple diameters & complex geometries.

Utilising the full CNC capabilities afforded by the machine tool, the system provides a precisely controllable cutting envelope to the machining process. The ITS BCH, when used together with a modular quick change qualified tooling system such as SANDVIK CAPTO or KENNAMETAL KM, offers unparalleled flexibility.

The ITS BCH is dynamically balanced allowing the full range of Machine Tool spindle speeds to be utilised when 'on centre' drilling, tapping, milling etc. Through spindle coolant delivered direct to the cutting edge is a standard feature. Accurate profiling is available on demand through the proven multiple tooth actuator / slide design presently utilised within the ITS CBS-T Series.

The capability of the ITS BCH to perform efficiently 'on centre' as well as accurately profiling on demand allows complex components to be completely machined from start to finish with the head in place, reducing time lost to tool changing.

Model Diagram