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The ITS ES-Series has been specifically designed to address high speed forward and back boring applications within large components where an extended reach is one of the prime considerations. It is therefore ideal for the high speed machining of seat pockets in valve bodies, block valves and oil tool components.

The ITS CBS ES-Series of modular, extended reach boring bars is divided into a number of different models, each with a single interchangeable cutter designed to cut through a particular diameter range. However, certain models may also be available in twin cutter form. Consult Innovative Tooling Solutions, United Kingdom for details. Ongoing product development continues to provide increases in unit lengths, diameter change, cutter start diameter range and total cutting range.

The table below is therefore included for guide purposes only, as many of our ITS products are supplied in customised form to suit specific client requirements. The system is also user specified in that customers can select the start diameters and bar lengths they require from the table below. The cutting range of a selected cutter is then calculated by adding the diameter change to the start diameter. For example, a CBS-ES30 with a start diameter of 75mm would have a cutting range of 75mm to 135mm. It is therefore possible to achieve a total cutting range of 75mm to greater than 205mm with a single CBS-ES30 by utlizing more than one cutter. As the system is modular, bar lengths for each model can be changed to suit specific applications by the addition of up to two extension assemblies to the basic unit. For example, the addition of a 500mm extension assembly 'L2' to a 600mm basic unit 'L1' gives a total bar length of 1100mm 'L3'.



Model Number Diameter Change Start Diameter Range of Cutter Set Total Cutting Range L1' Diameter 'A' Extension Assembly 'L2'
CBS-ES20 40.0 50.0 thru 90.0 50.0 - 130.0 600 50 200 300 400 500
CBS-ES25 50.0 62.0 thru 115.0 62.0 - 165.0 600 62 200 300 400 500
CBS-ES30 60.0 75.0 thru 145.0 75.0 - 205.0 600 75 200 300 400 500
CBS-ES40 80.0 100.0 thru 195.0 100.0 - 275.0 600 100 200 300 400 500
CBS-ES50 100.0 125.0 thru 250.0 125.0 - 350.0 600 125 200 300 400 500
Technical Specifications of the ITS Controlled Boring System may be subject to change without notice. ITS Controlled Boring System - European Patent Application No. 90 301 228.4, Patent No. 0382474. U.S. Patent No. 5120167. Japanese Patent Application No. 2-28144/90.