ITS China Installation

ITS China Installation

In December 2019 Innovative Tooling Solutions alongside our agent Horma installed 3 x ITS Controlled Boring tools into a major valve manufacturer’s plant in China.

The company at its 20,000 square meter facility has been using ITS tooling for a number of years, they have chosen us again due to the unrivalled accuracy and repeatability of our tools and the level of service we provide.

Investing in these tools allows the company to keep up there reputation of having the best and most advanced equipment for manufacturing.

Some of the valve types our tools will be used to manufacture are as follows Gate Valve, Globe Valve, Ball Valve, Choke Valve, Butterfly Valve and Check Valve.

If you would like to find out more about adding the extra CNC axis of diameter control to your machine you can browse our range of tooling in the product section.

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