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The ITS CBS Micro is a highly efficient, CNC Micro Boring System from Innovative Tooling Solutions. It is designed and built for heavy duty operation, yet the internal mechanism so precisely controls the cutting diameter that it can automatically perform a wide variety of complex precision machining operations from a single tooling set-up.

The ITS CBS Micro Controlled Boring System was designed specifically to enable intricate, high speed, micro boring operations to be carried out on medium/large CNC machine tools. Its internally balanced precision mechanism controls cutting diameters through twin slides - one of which carries a tool pot which houses the interchangeable bar - the other acting as a counterbalance. Total slide travel available is 16mm, with a maximum positive radial stroke of 13mm and a maximum negative radial stroke of 3mm..

This allows the Micro to perform machining operations down to zero/component feature centreline. Ongoing product development continues to provide increases in basic unit length, diameter change and total cutting range, and the CBS Micro can also be supplied in customised form to suit specific client requirements. The Micro utilizes a range of proprietary bars, and its actual cutting diameter range is dependent on the size and style of the interchangeable bar used at any one time.

The system is so versatile, however, that a single Micro, equipped with the optimum range of propietary boring bars, can perform an infinite variety of contour boring, parallel and tapered threading operations from zero/component feature centreline to greater than 75mm. The use of proprietary bars combines optimisation of existing tooling inventories with greatly increased flexibility at the cutting edge.